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Welcome to Skutchi Designs!

Welcome to Skutchi Designs!



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Welcome to Virginia!

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Here at Skutchi Designs, we offer a number of different services for your project. From space planning to design, installation to project management. WE DO IT ALL Virginia!

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Our customer service team has over 20 years of experience space planning, sourcing, and handling the project management of your office furniture project, no matter where you are in the country. We understand all aspects of your project are important, from the budget, the design, to the installation. The installation being one of the most important aspects of your new furniture install. We're here to help you navigate the project and get your business up and running as efficiently as possible.

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We believe everyone should get the office, classroom, or restaurant of their dreams. Thats why we try to provide high quality products at an affordable price. However, even if you need a little help, we do offer a financing option.

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